Modern avocado?

Modern avocado, that’s a thing, right? It took longer than expected due to a few other headaches unrelated to the bathroom, but we’re done- for now. We didn’t change the tile or vanity, or even the toilet, although that may come in the next few weeks, but it’s amazing what a “quick” makeover can do to bring a room up a few decades!

Recap: we removed the wallpaper only to discover a few spots of older wallpaper that we didn’t realize was under the pain until we put the primer on. No biggie, pull out the respirators and oil-based primer and we’re back in business. A few coats of a neutral off white, and we’re already looking better. Next we replaced the oversized and ugly (albeit useful) medicine cabinet with a frameless, smaller piece. The giant ugly gold light fixture was out as well, and replaced with a simple bar of vanity bulbs. lastly, we updated the switches to clean, new white.

Tie everything together with a cream and gold shower curtain- 20% off at Tuesday Morning- and we are looking good! Now I just have to find a more modern frame for my avocado print which will be hung over the toilet.

Had we not been forced to move to another more pressing project in the middle of work, this would have been a weekend plus a day project. We’re quite happy with our new, “modern avocado” guest bath. What’s your favorite quick makeover? Share in the comments!


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