Why not?

Sometimes you plan projects out in advance. Sometimes you end up doing a mini bathroom renovation on a whim!

It started with an idea to paint the wallpaper in our beloved avocado bathroom. When I realized I couldn’t glue down the peeling parts, I peeled some pieces off and discovered it came off really easily. Hmmmm, could we luck out and fine the only room with drywall? Removing the light switch plate revealed that yes, we had drywall!

“I wonder if I can just remove all this wallpaper?” A quick trip to get wallpaper remover solution and I was on my way. I am sure this experience will bite me in the butt years down the road when I say, “removing wallpaper is easy!” But this stuff was. I peeled it off the paper which left the adhesive behind. A spritz with the remover solution, and the adhesive then peeled right off, too!

Well now that we had the medicine cabinet and lights off the wall, it didn’t make sense to put the ugly dated ones back up. Off to the store and about $150 later we’re ready to go.

Spackle is done, sanding tomorrow, paint and put new stuff up next weekend. It’ll still be our avocado bathroom, but hopefully more 2019 avocado toast than a 1970’s time capsule.


Bye bye wallpaper! You can see the adhesive layer here. I was amazed how easily it peeled off once wet.


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