I am a Genius at Word (really!)

As promised, I will share my floor plans and style sheets with you. I do everything in Word as I don’t have Photoshop, and I had a boss at a former job who taught me to make floor plans for events in Word (hi Terry!). Did I mention that these floor plan are TO SCALE? Yup, it’s actually quite easy.

This is my floor plan for the living room after I added in the textiles and colors.

Here’s a quick tutorial so you, too, can be a Word Wizard:

Start with your room dimensions including the size of windows, doors, etc. Next, pick a scale. I like .03, I find for most projects, it fits on a standard page well, but for larger or smaller rooms you may need to adjust it. Now, if your room is square, that’s easy and you can just draw a square. To get the dimensions, multiply the inches (not feet, total inches) by your scale, then edit the square so that the sides are the dimensions you came up with. So for a 10’x10′ room, you’ll multiply 120x.03 and make a square that’s 3.6×3.6. To space things like windows and doors properly, I like to make lines the right length and lay them next to the square then add in the proper width object where the line ends. You can see some of those lines in my image. I also type the scale into the document so I don’t forget. Finally, group all the parts of the room so that when you add and move the furniture you won’t mess up the room.

Once your room is built, you can start inserting furniture in the form of squares and circles. Do the same dimension math as you did with the room itself to make the furniture to scale as well. I usually start by making different pieces different colors so I don’t get confused as I drag them around the room playing with different layouts.

For the final touch, save images of fabrics and textures from the internet (I LOVE the snipping tool for this). Fill the object with a picture and select that picture. BAM! It may not exactly look like a sofa, but it’s a scaled rectangle with the exact leather that your sofa will be. I also added the paint colors we picked out (blue on bottom, white chair rail, and gray top), and put them next to the room for reference. Now you have a beautiful, to scale lay out of your room.

Next, I made a style sheet so I could see actual images of the furniture I picked in addition to the colors to see how it all comes together. See below:

style sheet

For the style sheet I had to do some internet hunting for images of the pieces we’d picked out, but by remembering the designers it ended up being pretty easy. The sofa and chair couldn’t be visualized in the correct fabric online so I laid an image of the piece next to the covering for reference. Nothing is to scale here, it’s just so I can see how everything ties together.

And there you go, now you can use tools available on most any computer to visualize a room re-do. If you have any questions on the process, please leave them in the comments.


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