Big news!

Although it won’t be final for another week, all the major roadblocks have been cleared and we’re able to say definitively that our days in a 1 bedroom 750sf apartment are numbered. That’s right folks, we’re buying a house! Not just any house, a “good bones”, 1973 and hasn’t been redecorated since the 90’s, wallpaper and/or paneling in every room, brick ranch. We have vision, lots of vision. Visions of gallons of paint, hours of yard work (did I mention the 1.66 acres?) and lots of learning. Seriously though, we have great visions and dreams that include a future pool, a beautifully painted and furnished living room, and the garden of my dreams.
We can’t wait to get to work, and decided to share some of our work and what we learn on here. Did we eff up the wallpaper removal? Oh well, maybe you can do it better by doing the opposite. Found a tool that’s a must-have? Of course we want to help you find it too!
Follow us on this journey for some laughs and hopefully a bit of advice.

Kitty Kreative will mostly be taken over by team Kator Kreative from now on. Because of this, we’ve created a new space better suited to sharing our adventures. Yay!


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