Duct Tape: The future

I love duct tape.  No, I’m not sure you understand my love for the sticky, durable, endlessly useful stuff.  In high school I made custom wallets for my friends even including coin pockets and custom decorations sealed in with clear packing tape.  I think I charged $5/wallet and I made some decent dough.  All the cool kids had one- well, all my friends at least.

Imagine the joy when I happened upon a display at my local Staples store, proudly selling not just colored duct tape, but patterned duct tape!  It even comes in sheets so as not to limit your creativity to a 2" stripe.  The rolls though, they come in plaid, zebra, flames, and even hounds tooth.

I can’t immediately think of a current need for any of these designs but fear not, I will soon! I think I’ll start with my emergency roll for camping.  Biggest question is tie dye, or camo- which will my friends mock more?

Duct tape, it’s said, holds the world together, so why not hold it together in style?

Duct Tape: The future


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